chicago, illinois


Our Sky High Design is located in Downtown Chicago near Lake Michigan. After relocating from Milwaukee, our client wanted this three bedroom condo to reflect her traditional taste, but with a modern twist.

When designing the living room, we wanted to create a playful yet sophisticated look, by playing around with different textures and fabric choices. Like this classic Blue Snakeskin chair, that is tasteful but has a fun flair. We added in a metal accent throughout this design to bring in the city and add a little edge without being too much. Since this is an open concept space, we wanted to keep the look cohesive by utilizing the same fabric on the pillows as the chairs in the dining area. For the kitchen, we decided to incorporate a velvety texture in the chairs to add some vivaciousness to the space. We kept the bedroom minimalist and is a modern take on what could be seen as a traditional design. We used the lake as inspiration incorporating deep blues, abstract patterns like the one on the headboard to create movement and intrigue.

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