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I am thrilled to be sharing the news with you that… I’m pregnant! It’s been hard to keep this a secret while we have patiently waited for this baby to grow. It feels… absolutely SURREAL to be able to type those words again. If you’ve followed our journey for a few years, you’ll know that growing our family has been a challenge. As thrilled as we are to have a third baby on the way, this announcement also comes with the acknowledgment that we understand how devastating pregnancy news can be if you’re in a season of loss or uncertainty as you navigate the muddy waters of fertility.

Our Journey

Our journey of becoming parents started 6 years ago. After trying for a while, we quickly realized we were not getting pregnant and decided to get help. After many doctors visits, seeing specialists, and a lot of prayers, we received back news. To sum it up, it was news we didn’t want to hear.

We spent many days angry, questioning God’s plan for us. For me personally, I wondered what our choices really were. We ended up deciding that we wanted to try and have our own children, so we landed on IVF. That terms alone frightened me. Sheldon, as always, played it pretty cool, but me being me, I was scared shitless. I didn’t want to have a baby this way. All the needles, drugs, and worst of all, what if it didn’t work?

After we moved to Milwaukee we decided to give it a shot. Within a few short months, it worked and was the answer to our prayers. We welcomed our daughter, Charlotte into the world nearly one year after moving to Wisconsin.

The transition of a first baby was honestly very tough for me. Sheldon was super cool. I, on the other hand, was a mess and dealing with postpartum anxiety. I ended up seeking treatment from professional care and it got much better! Soon after, Stone House was born (we joke that it is our other baby).

Fast forward 3 years, we decided we wanted to have another kid, so it was time for round two of IVF. We hoped it was going to work just as well as the first time, and luckily it did! Our son Ethan was born shortly after, and he stole my heart the minute I saw him. I like to say he is my Mini-Sheldon!

Our Surprise, Baby Number 3

Fast forward to today! I have two kids, an amazing business that is thriving and growing rapidly, all during a pandemic. Like most of us, we thought the virus was going to be over by the summer, but the joke was on us! I ended up getting COVID. The symptoms were still lingering and it wasn’t getting better. For some reason, I felt called to take a pregnancy test. During this time, I just stopped breastfeeding and I wasn’t keeping track of my periods. I took one of my pregnancy tests out, and it came back positive. I thought maybe it was a bad test, so I ended up taking 5 more tests over the course of the next two days all saying positive. Bloodwork confirmed it days later, but we just couldn’t believe the news. Could I really be pregnant again? We ended up scheduling an early ultra-sound. All I wanted was to see that tiny flicker, to hear that there was a heartbeat. There WAS a heartbeat, and it turned out I was four weeks further along than I thought!

We are feeling so wildly grateful and thankful for this miracle, and we’re so happy we can let you into this next phase of our lives. Thank you for being a part of this journey, thank you for cheering us on, and thank you for giving me a space to share our lives with you.

So ready or not SHC family, we are welcoming baby number 3 this March!

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