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Need to stage your home before you sell? Stone House is the leading home staging company in Wisconsin that will capture more potential buyers by showing them a finished home that feels both elegant and welcoming. 

Home Staging Is Important

Home staging has become a MUST in today’s housing market. Buyers are getting more particular, so homeowners will need to go further to sell their home. We like to say that the best looking homes will come out with a higher selling price point and a heck of a lot faster!


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Our Process

for our staging we have quick 5 step process

Step 1

A design consultation is how we begin all of our processes. We arrange a time to meet with you, hear your thoughts, view the property, take photos.

Step 2

Based on the consultation, we provide you with a written contract and bid, which will include a break-down of your costs. If this is agreed upon and approved, we will move forward with planning.

Step 3

Now, sit back and watch the magic happen. We have many hands at work planning for your home stage project. In this process, we work diligently with scheduling, while staying focused on the contracted budget.

Step 4

Stage Day! We arrive with a crew of professional movers, stylists, and any other hands selected during the contracting phase. We are in and out within a day, no matter the size of the project.

Step 5

After the contracted rental period is complete, you can decide to leave the inventory in the home or have us come de-stage. This is not goodbye, just see you later!

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