Girl Bedroom Ideas (Before + After)

Hey everyone! I have been so excited to share this space with you for a while and the time has finally come. It is an adorable little girl’s bedroom belonging to our daughter, Charlotte, and it was the perfect time to re-do it since we are expecting another little one soon.

Charlotte is going to be turning three, so we wanted to create a space for her that she would be able to grow with, but also fun and girly.

Style-wise, I wanted to open this space out and brighten it up, adding bright pops of color but keeping the space calm at the same time. I wanted it to be fun and playful but not too young, so when she gets older she can customize it to her liking without having to re-do EVERYTHING. I also wanted to add lots of texture and comfort so the space can be somewhere she can play as well as relax and unwind.

We chose a white paint color, Greek Villa, for the walls. It’s fresh, yet neutral, versatile enough for later on down the road when Charlotte may decide to switch things up… and looks a bit nicer than the pale yellow color that was on the walls before. Would you like to see the BEFORE shot?

Reason #20004340 why we love neutral paint colors!

For her closet, we add little wall hooks on her walls, so she can hang up her towel and jackets! We also replaced the dresser that was in the closet with some storage bins we found from Home Depot. In the image below, this nook is where she will also store a majority of her toys.

Here are the hooks that we placed for her to easily grab and pick out what clothes she wants to wear for the day!

Charlotte’s favorite color is blue, so we decided to add that color in as much as possible along with the other accent color, pink. We chose a rich blue for the comforter and paired it with classic white sheets.

Kid’s rooms are the perfect place to try out some playful designs. We wanted to keep this room feminine and girly as possible by adding in some accessories to the room to give it more of a fun and youthful feel. We added in a small pink piano, some colorful hair bows, a pink chair she can sit on to read some of her favorite books.
We also placed this gorgeous vintage carpet in the room. It adds a bright, fun color to the space AND covers the hardwood floor. This carpet is not only great if she chooses to do arts and crafts, but it ties in the blues and pinks that are seen elsewhere in the room.

So that is Charlotte’s bedroom! I hope you enjoyed the tour every bit as much as I enjoyed designing, decorating, and capturing this space for her and you.

Tell me your favorite part of the room in the comments!

Psst – Like the items you see? Here is where you can find some of the items!

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