5 Ways to Easily Transition Your Home to Spring

There’s something about the signs of spring that make us want to clean, organize, and sometimes completely rearrange our living spaces. Especially lately when we’re spending so much time in our homes. If you love interior design like us, you’re probably just as excited as we are to retire the décor of winter.

With the new season come new trends that are lighter and brighter and more nature-inspired looks—sure to bring in the energy and general life that’s been missing during those long, cold weeks of winter. Learn five easy ways to transition your home to spring below!

5 Ways to Easily Transition Your Home to Spring

1. Give the entry way a refresh

The new season is all about starting fresh, so spring-clean your entryway! Remove old doormats with light flatweave rugs. Add fresh flowers or tall seasonal branches in a pretty vessel and light woven baskets for additional storage. By doing this you are creating a welcoming environment as soon as you step in through the door!

5 Ways to Easily Transition Your Home to Spring

2. Swap out your textiles

While this year, we’re still prioritizing staying cozy and keeping our spaces inviting and warm, that doesn’t mean we can’t lighten and brighten our textiles. Shedding our winter coats of thick wovens and trading them for airy linens, vibrant patterns, and softer tones create the feeling of openness and space within our homes like nothing else.

You don’t need to completely re-haul what you already have, but rather you can play around with it and see what you like. Maybe adding a few pillows here, removing a piece of décor there. If you don’t have a a lot of textiles or like to keep it minimal, consider investing in a few pieces you love that you can rotate and use for years to come.

3. Switch Artwork to Scenes of the Season

I love mixing in artwork related to the season on my tables and shelves. It may seem obvious, but to the eye its a subtle and easy switch. Picking up pieces that incorporate florals, landscapes with lush greens, or relaxing outdoors are great for Spring. You can also turn to family photos! Print out photos from your favorite Spring adventures of years past to make you smile and think back to what makes you enjoy this season of life.

5 Ways to Easily Transition Your Home to Spring

4. Add Indoor Plants

There’s nothing we recommend more than using your surroundings as inspiration. Walk outside with some clippers, look high and low, and find something that speaks to you. It can be as simple as a dried branch with an interesting texture. Not only is this free, but it only takes a little bit to go a long way. If you want to use florals, now is the perfect time to support local florists. Look to see if there are businesses in your area and shop!

5. Add functional storage

If you’re still thinking about spring cleaning, try adding pretty yet functional storage wherever you can to make tidying up a bit more enjoyable. We love to use gorgeous Seagrass Baskets, trays, and boxes to accomplish this. Now more than ever, it’s important to make sure our homes are livable, which means making your home as functionable as possible.

However you welcome new seasons, creating a space that feels fresh will help you love your surroundings and see them in a new light.

What are your favorite ways to make your home feel updated in warmer months? Tell us below!

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  • We swap out our family room rug and sometimes pillows in that room, since that’s the center of the home, and we find ourselves in it a lot. We have a dark rug for fall and winter and a light one for spring and summer. They are different in size so it forces us to change the furniture arrangement as well. We don’t always love doing it, but we LOVE the result!


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