15 Kitchen Organization Ideas and Tips

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Here are 15 quick and easy tips for organizing your entire kitchen. See our best kitchen organization ideas, plus our favorite products for tidying the fridge, island, and pantry.

15 Kitchen Organization Ideas and Tips

Are you someone who puts off cleaning the kitchen until the very last minute? You are so not alone! I have definitely been known to leave cleaning up the dishes and wiping down the counters until the end of the day. When it comes to doing chores in the kitchen, I like to make them as seamless as possible.

Luckily, there are a ton of handy products out there that take the work out of tidying up and organizing, so I can put things away quickly and still wake up to a sparkling-clean household. Scroll on to see my go-to tips and top items that will help you organize your kitchen!

1. Pantry Organization

I don’t know about you, but my pantry can get disorganized quickly. I have found using organization bins and baskets have been incredibly helpful for keeping it nice and tidy.

2. Spice Racks

Having your spices organized literally makes you feel like a whole new person. You can get the glass jars and re-bottle your spices and then put them on these spice racks in your cabinet!

3. Under the Sink

Under the sink is probably one of the most neglected areas in your home! Having all of your cleaning supplies organized in these tubs or baskets makes it easier to grab what you need.

4. Clear Turntables

These clear turntables can go anywhere and everywhere. I have them in cabinets, under my sink, and in my pantry,

Do yourself a favor and get a couple of these. Trust me, they will come in handy! 

5. Drawer Organizers for Silverware & Utensils

You know I already have all of my kitchen drawers organized. They help you save space and do not take up the whole drawer.

6. Organize Your Pots and Pans 

Do you ever struggle to get out a pan? Yeah, I’ve been there too. That’s why organizing your pots and pans either through shelves or through an organizer can make a massive difference in your space and helps your pans stay better longer.

7. Divide and Conquer Your Plastic Containers

There’s nothing worse than opening a cabinet door and unleashing an avalanche of plastic food storage containers. If your collection is out of control, try tossing any container that’s stained, cracked, or doesn’t seal properly. Then use one of the specialty dividers below to separate your lids and containers by size, and quickly tidy up your cabinet or drawer.

8. Streamline Your Plastic Bags

Plastic bags can turn into clutter pretty quickly. Our advice? Stop the problem before it begins with a sleek, stainless steel dispenser like this. The unit can be mounted to the inside of your cabinet or pantry, and it can hold up to 30 plastic grocery bags.

9. Clean Out Your Fridge and Add Clear Bins

It’s always a good idea to clear out your fridge, check expiration dates and wipe everything down regularly. Produce and leafy greens tend to go bad pretty quickly, so you may want to adjust the temperature and humidity levels if you notice premature wilt. Then, use clear bins and drawers to corral similar items (like juice boxes, cans of sparkling water, or condiments) and label each container with a sticker or dry-erase marker.

10. Install Cabinet Racks

Here’s another easy way to double your cabinet space: install stackable wire racks. They come in different heights, widths, and styles, so you can find the perfect ones for your kitchen, and they’ll act as shelves, too, so you can store more cups and plates together.

11. Keep Your Coffee Supplies Organized

Some people like to toss all of their single-use pods into one bin, but that can actually make it more difficult to find certain flavors. Instead, try arranging your pods with one of these trays and coffee holders for more visibility.

12. Choose Clear Storage Containers

Once you’ve grouped everything, place your pantry staples in see-through, pull-out containers.

13. Hang It Up

If you’re short on counter space or cabinets, put the walls to work and hang up your cooking utensils or mugs. You can choose an all-in-one shelving unit, identical hooks, or an under-the-shelf solution. Now, your favorite spatula, whisk or cup is always within arm’s reach.

14. Organize Your Recipes

Store your family recipes in a proper home. The size of your recipe cards can determine which system you should use. Index cards work well in a labeled recipe box or a small photo album. Full sheet recipes do well in a three-ring binder.

15. Food Storage Canisters

Organize your food with food storage canisters! These allow you to create more space in your pantry and it helps you see what food you do have!

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