10 Fall Table Centerpieces – Fall Table Decor Ideas

Whether your taste in centerpieces is traditional or modern, formal or fuss-free, we’ve got you covered with our top 10 easy to recreate Fall Table Centerpieces!

If you are like us, you have likely already begun adding fall home decor to your home already. You’ve hung the prettiest fall wreaths on the front door and added fall porch decorating ideas for maximum curb appeal.

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With cooler temperatures just around the corner, you will likely be spending more and more time indoors. One easy way to up your fall decor is by adding a fall centerpiece. Whether you’re looking for a chic fall arrangement for your Thanksgiving table or something more casual for everyday, you are sure to find something here to suit your style. Check out our top ten favorite Fall Centerpieces that are perfect for any occasion.

1. Mini Pumpkins

Fill your fall dinner table with a festive display of white votives set on top of mini pumpkins.

Source: James Baigre

2. Leaves Galore

There’s nothing quite like a walk on a crisp fall day to enjoy the changing leaves. Bring the same energy into your space by adding a leaf centerpiece. 

Source: Getty Images

3. Candles and Fruit Centerpiece

Mix taper and pillar candles to create dimension on your table. Then, surround the candles with seasonal fruit, fresh or plastic, and foliage to complete the look. 

Source: Alpha Smoot

4. Floral Centerpiece

Enhance your tablescape with fall florals. To create this centerpiece, place green and burgundy flowers into low pots. Then arrange them onto two different trays. You could also add in some gourds as well!

Source: Roland Bello

5. Apple Garland Centerpiece

Craft a freeform garland from seasonal fruits and leaves. To recreate this look, lay down a garland composed of brown or green leaves. Then add in flowers and layer in fruit, nuts, and other fall foliage down the center. 

Source: Erin Kunkel

6. Dried Flower Centerpiece

Take a break from fussing with formal floral centerpieces, and display wispy dried branches and flowers in different vases. With the holidays coming soon, you can reuse dried floral bouquets to compliment your table space.

Source: Array Design

7. Branch Centerpiece

As fall approaches, bring autumn-inspired botanicals into your home. This Aspen Tree Branch has perfect autumn yellow blooms. Place these branches in one of our vases or jars to along with candles to create a welcoming and warm fall table centerpiece.

Source: Pottery Barn

8. Bounty of Baskets

A pair of nested baskets, fresh or faux seasonal flowers are all you need to craft this fall centerpiece. 

Source: Marian Parsons

9. Cornucopia

No Fall table centerpiece would be complete without a cornucopia. The cornucopia basket has fresh fruits and vegetables spill out like jewels. 

Source: Martha Stewart

10. Gathered Fall Table Decor

Pumpkins and gourds deserve a prominent spot in your fall home decor, but save a few for your fall table centerpiece too. Line a few pumpkin-patch finds along the table, stacking a few pumpkins on top of each other to add dimension. Next, add branches and stems to a basket.

Source: Reed Davis

Which one of these Fall Centerpieces is your favorite? Tell us in the comments!

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